Luton Learning Link

The Impact Of Digital Exclusion

Without a device to work on at home, young people fall behind in their studies and miss out on developing key skills when compared to their peers. This causes young people to worry because they know that they do not have what they need to fully participate in their studies, leaving them to feel more uncertain than ever about their future.

Luton Learning Link

Luton Learning Link has been put together by the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and a group of organisations from Luton including Luton Borough Council Education Service, Luton Sunni Council of Mosques, Luton Council of Mosques and Level Trust.

We want to provide 250 devices to school students who are not eligible to receive one from the government scheme, but are in real need – giving them a chance to fully participate in learning too. We plan to do this by collecting donations of second hand devices from local businesses and the community. Devices will be re-purposed by schools to ensure they are safe and uploaded with the software young people need to get learning.

We need your unused devices! Do you have a cupboard where unused technology is gathering dust? We want to get in there!
We are specifically looking for:
• Laptops
• Tablets
• Desktop computers
Devices should be:
• Complete with charger/power cables (as applicable)
• Less than 5 years old
• Have no physical damage
• Reset to factory settings and free from any donor data
Think you’ve got what we need? Please contact us and let us know how you can help.
This is an emergency so we need your help soon.
Please act fast and get devices to us by the end of May.

We recognise the unique insight that schools have about the needs of their students. We have asked them to let us know how many devices they need for pupils who currently do not have access. Schools will be responsible for the distribution of devices, initially prioritising Year 10 pupils.Want to put in a request for your school? Fill in the form and we will get back in touch with you.